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Our Story

Sharing Abundance

Hi from Sarah and Rob! Our love for nature started during childhood. Both of us spent a lot of time outdoors growing up so the idea of starting a farm was very appealing. For many years it was just a dream. At the end of 2020, the perfect home on 3+ acres came on the market and we knew it was our chance. Two months after moving in, we immediately started setting up the garden beds and enjoyed a summer of more produce than we knew what to do with. We ended up giving a lot of it away to family and friends. Now we want to share our abundance with our community.

The vision for the farm started many years ago when we sat down to discuss our goals and dreams for the future. After writing it all down, we had a focus. We wanted to supply our local community with fresh food, produced with care toward the earth using a no-till, deep compost style farming method and organic practices. We also wanted to create a community where people could come together to enjoy the outdoors, whether that's with nature journaling, forest bathing, or backyard yoga.

About Us: Our Farm

Rob's Story

It all started with my dad. He always had a garden and our family vacations were camping trips. This is where my love of nature came from. My grandfather grew up on a farm in Richmond, IL and my dad always talked about wanting to farm. Before he passed away, he was in the process of putting together a vineyard and I was planning to help him. After he passed away, I put all that on the back-burner and started hiking and birding. In 2011, I met my wife. After moving out of Chicago, my passion for gardening reignited. We had a small, back yard garden that frustratingly lacked light. So instead I channeled my energies into learning everything I could. Learning about different gardening techniques through YouTube videos and podcasts, I found no-till market gardening. This lead me down the path of wanting to start my own farm and doing this as a career. In the fall of 2020, I took the Permaculture Design course offered by Oregon State University online. I also took the Market Gardener Masterclass by J.M. Fortier. When we moved into our house at the beginning of 2021, I immediately set to work building market garden beds using a no-till, deep compost bedding method. We had a great first year growing food for our family and in the coming years we look forward to growing the farm to provide food for other families.

Sarah's Story

When I was a little girl, I spent every waking minute outside. I liked to make mud sandwiches, crack rocks open to see what was inside, or go for hikes with my parents on the weekends. I've always loved the country and being surrounded by nature so when Rob and I started dreaming up our perfect future, it seemed like a no-brainer that we'd live on a farm. We bought our little farmhouse in 2021 and I've been pinching myself ever since. While Rob was deep-diving into the gardening world in 2020, I was going down my own rabbit hole of yoga teacher training. I earned my 200 level yoga teacher certification in June of 2020 and my 300 level certification in December 2021. My yoga practice got me through the darkest days of pandemic life and helped me feel connected to my purpose. When we were envisioning our farm, we always wanted it to be a place where people came to connect--- with themselves, each other, and nature. With my yoga teacher certification and my degree in art, I will offer yoga classes, nature sketching, eco-crafting workshops, and more! My hope is that our farm can become a place where people come to feed their bodies and spirits while connecting to this beautiful world that's right outside the back door.

About Us: Meet the Team
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